Frequently asked questions:

VizualSurvey is for anyone who wants to quickly and easily analyze their survey data in a data visualization tool. We transform your survey data so that you can easily connect it to our dashboard templates or create your own dashboards in any data visualization tool.

VizualSurvey Online is our online survey tool that allows you to program your survey using our dashboard inspired features. Connect our Dashboard Templates to your live survey to see your responses in real time. Combined your survey data from our data transformation tool and our online survey tool so you can see your results all in one dashboard. No cleaning, no data transformation, just create your online survey and start visualizing.

You use a workflow for each survey project you complete. For example, if you do a customer satisfaction survey every month and you need to transform the data, you create a workflow to do so. This will count as 1 workflow, no matter how many times you update the data. If you don’t use all your workflows for a particular month, you can use them later on – you never lose your workflows unless you cancel your membership.

Yes, once you sign up, you can go to the account settings page to update your membership whenever you like.

This depends on how many questions you have in your data and how much cleaning you have to do. I would say a good benchmark is around 1-2 minutes per survey question to finish the transformation process once you know your way around the software.

Connecting your data to our dashboard templates is very easy. You just point the dashboard to the CSV – we have plenty of videos showing you how to do it all

Our dashboard is there to give you a head start. You can customize the dashboards as you like or create your own from scratch.

We have an extensive knowledge base full of training materials that will teach you how to use the tool and how to connect the data to the survey dashboard templates. Also, if you have any questions, you can always contact our support team.

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