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The end result is an awesome and dynamic Tableau presentation. Our expectations have been exceeded!

Kimberly Boyd 

Sr. Insight Manager @ Trane Commercial

The Simple and quick solution for custom survey dashboards and interactive presentations

The only DIY tool that gives market researchers same day Tableau survey dashboards with no experience required

Better insights through ad hoc exploration and interactivity

Using Tableau, the market leader in data visualization, you will be able to generate insights visually by filtering, segmentation, interacting, drilling down and exploring like the pros.

Cleaning survey data has never been so easy
Take survey data from SurveyMonkey, QuestionPro,Survey Gizmo, Qualtrics or any other survey software and transform it into an interactive dashboard with ease.

No more frustrating manual work and feeling out of your depth

We all hate having to copy and paste, taking screenshots, and dealing with the error prone Excel worksheet. Go back to spending your time finding insights and let us deal with the data cleaning and visualizations.

No IT, BI or Data Visualization experience needed
You don't need a technical or analytics background to use VizualSurvey. Just connect your clean survey data to our survey dashboard templates, and you’re good to go!

Innovative reporting with our Prebuilt Interactive Dashboards, Reports & Presentations

Amazing prebuilt survey dashboards and reports built by Tableau experts. Don't waste time recreating reports, use our reusable custom templates without having to learn Tableau.

Works flawlessly with our amazing survey dashboard templates
Haven’t got a clue how to create survey dashboards? Don't worry, just connect your newly transformed survey data to any of our Qlik Sense, Power BI, Spotfire or Tableau survey dashboard templates.

A streamlined DIY process for a quick turnaround with no headaches

A step by step process that has been proven to reduce headaches and mistakes. We went through all the pain for you and created an automated solution that solves all those survey data problems you hate so you don't have to.

Get your survey dashboard up and running fast
Start visualizing survey data in no time with our awesome survey dashboards. No more waiting weeks or months for outside assistance.

Unlimited possibilities and customization utilizing the full power of Tableau

Integrate third-party data, create interactive presentations, provide a self-service interactive report and dashboard, with the full power of Tableau anything is possible.

Create custom online surveys using VizualSurvey Online
Skip the entire data cleaning process and create your online survey using our dashboard inspired online survey platform. No cleaning, no data transformation, just create your online survey and start visualizing. *Only available in custom package

Save time, money and tears with our automated survey to Tableau methodology

No need to recreate the wheel and spend months researching and learning different techniques and tool just to create subpar dashboards. Skip the uncertainty and start analyzing your results instantly using our industry-leading dashboards without the hassle.

Fully Customizable Survey Dashboards
Our survey dashboard templates are fully customizable. Customize them as you like or create your own custom survey dashboard in any software you want – just connect your newly transformed survey data and start creating. 


I worked with VizualSurvey to create an interactive visualization of a large-scale survey looking at the climate within academic marketing. VizualSurvey was incredibly responsive to all the idiosyncrasies of my requests, responded in a timely manner, and delivered a very high quality and powerful visualization. I would gladly recommend them to anyone looking for help with visualizing complex survey data!

Jeff Galak

Professor @ Carnegie Mellon University

Stunning and innovative reporting and insights!


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