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The Simple and quick solution for custom survey dashboards and interactive presentations

We accomplish this by integrating our self-service tools with the industry leaders in data visualization, Tableau and Power BI

Better insights through ad hoc exploration and interactivity

Using data visualization tools like Tableau and Power BI to analyze your results allow extraordinary benefits such as better visualizations, segmentation, interactivity, and full customization.

Cleaning survey data has never been so easy
Take survey data from SurveyMonkey, QuestionPro,Survey Gizmo, Qualtrics or any other survey software and transform it into an interactive dashboard with ease.

Flexibility to create custom dashboards and interactive presentations

Easily create custom-branded dashboards and presentations based on the needs of your stakeholders. With full customizability, anything is possible.

No IT, BI or Data Visualization experience needed
You don't need a technical or analytics background to use VizualSurvey. Just connect your clean survey data to our survey dashboard templates, and you’re good to go!

Bring in third party data for a more comprehensive analysis

Integrate third-party data from different systems for a more holistic view such as panel data, interviews, product feedback, sales, or anything else you can think of.

Works flawlessly with our amazing survey dashboard templates
Haven’t got a clue how to create survey dashboards? Don't worry, just connect your newly transformed survey data to any of our Qlik Sense, Power BI, Spotfire or Tableau survey dashboard templates.

Easy to use Tableau and Power BI Templates created by Industry Experts

Don't waste time recreating dashboards and presentations, use our client-branded dashboards and presentation templates for quick turnarounds and fewer headaches.

Get your survey dashboard up and running fast
Start visualizing survey data in no time with our awesome survey dashboards. No more waiting weeks or months for outside assistance.

No need to purchase, maintain or learn additional software’s

No need to purchase and learn additional tools just to create subpar dashboards, start analyzing your results instantly using our industry-leading dashboards without the hassle.

Create custom online surveys using VizualSurvey Online
Skip the entire data cleaning process and create your online survey using our dashboard inspired online survey platform. No cleaning, no data transformation, just create your online survey and start visualizing. *Only available in custom package

Personalized Onboarding, Training, Templates and Support

When signing up you will receive a custom branded dashboard and presentation template, personalized onboarding, and training using your data as well as access to our extensive knowledgebase and support team. 

Fully Customizable Survey Dashboards
Our survey dashboard templates are fully customizable. Customize them as you like or create your own custom survey dashboard in any software you want – just connect your newly transformed survey data and start creating. 

How VizualSurvey Works

Streamline the entire process and get amazing dashboards and presentations in a fraction of the time

1. Use our innovative tools to clean and transform your data effortlessly

1. Connect or upload your survey data from any survey software to get started.

2. Explore your data visually using our prebuilt dashboards to generate better insights

2. Use our easy-to-use interface to prep and clean your survey data quickly.

3. Replace PPT with a custom branded Interactive Presentation using our drag and drop templates

3. Export your survey data and connect it to one of our fully customizable survey dashboard templates to start visualizing survey results instantly.

Are you ready to start using amazing survey dashboards?


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