Visualizing Survey Data in Tableau Webinar

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How can you create awesome dashboards and reports in Tableau using your survey data? This is no easy task if you have ever tried to visualize survey data in Tableau before. The mess that comes out of survey platform is not ideal for any business intelligence software. Join us on this live webinar to learn the best way to structure your survey data and create simple survey charts in Tableau.  

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  • Reformatting messy survey data
  • Dealing with matrix and multiple choice questions
  • Cleaning data by adding helper columns
  • Calculating % of Totals correctly
  • Creating basic survey charts


Tyler Lubben, Founder of VizualSurvey & Vizual Intelligence

Tyler Lubben is one of the leading experts in Tableau including visualizing survey data in Tableau. He has managed a successful Tableau consulting and training company since 2016 and has also launch a Saas in 2018 called VizualSurey that allows market researchers to visualize survey data in Tableau easily.

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