Last Updated: January 14, 2019


VizualSurvey recognizes that safety and security of personal information is of the utmost importance to its Users and Subscribers. VizualSurvey takes every action necessary to ensure that private information is kept private, and that any information transmitted over all mediums is kept confidential. Our Data & Privacy Policy will detail our obligations to you, and will outline your duties to uphold our Privacy provisions. In order to make your experience optimal, we may change our Privacy Policy from time to time.


All information provided by you or collected by VizualSurvey in connection with the Services is governed by VizualSurvey’s Privacy Policy, a copy of which is located at which is hereby incorporated by reference into our SaaS. You should take care to protect private information or information that is important to you. VizualSurvey shall not be responsible for protecting any such information and is not liable for the protection of privacy of electronic mail or other information transferred through the Internet, a third-party, or any other network that you may use. VizualSurvey does not control and shall not be responsible for the acts of you or any other Users (whether Visitors, other Subscribers otherwise) of the Services.


We primarily use the information we collect when you use the Services in connection with your relationship with VizualSurvey, your use of the Services, and for sending you information from us or on behalf of certain third parties. Note that we do not share your Personal Information with third parties without your consent; however, we may share your Personal Information under certain limited circumstances. VizualSurvey may collect “Personal Information” (which is information that can be used to identify or contact a specific individual), such as the User’s name, email address, physical address, payment details. If your personal information changes at any time, it is important that you promptly update, correct, or delete any information that VizualSurvey has on file. Since VizualSurvey uses a User’s personal information to provide him or her with access to the VizualSurvey User and Subscriber Service, it is important that such information be accurate and complete. Simply update any changes to your personal information by emailing VizualSurvey at [email protected] or by updating your information on the VS Dashboard.

2.1 Collection of Information.

VizualSurvey shall collect “Personal Information” (which is information that can be used to identify or contact a specific individual) such as the User’s full name, address and email address in processing orders. VizualSurvey may share your full name and credit card information with third-party payment Vendors in order to process orders. VizualSurvey may also make the information contained in your Profile accessible through means other than the VizualSurvey website (such as through an app or an application programming interface (API).


While you may opt out of providing us with your personal information, such as your name, address and email address, it means that we may not be able to provide you with certain services such as our Subscription Packages or free trial (when applicable). Opting out means that you may browse our Site as a Visitor, but you will not be able to use the Services we provide.


VizualSurvey uses cookies and web log files to track usage of its Services. A cookie is a tiny data file which resides on your computer and mobile device which allows VizualSurvey to recognize you as a User when you return using the same computer and web browser. If your browser settings do not allow cookies, you will not be able to use our Services as fully as intended. Log files are the record of your visits to the Services and include Usage Information. Like the information you enter at registration or when You login, cookie and log file data is used to customize your experience when you use the Services. Third parties may also set cookies as you interact with the Service. The use of cookies by third parties is not covered by our Privacy Policy, as we do not have access or control over these cookies. An embedded script programming code is designed to collect information about your interactions with the Services, such as the links you click on. The code is temporarily downloaded onto your computer or other device from our server or a third party service provider and is deactivated or deleted when you disconnect from the Services.  In addition, we may use a variety of other technologies that collect similar information for security and fraud detection purposes. Cookies apply to use of VizualSurvey’s services over the VizualSurvey Site.


VizualSurvey may share non-Personal Information, such as aggregate user statistics, demographic information and Usage Information with third parties, including advertisers, content providers, and analytics providers; and third parties may collect non-Personal Information when you visit the Services. We also may share your Personal Information with third parties with your consent, as disclosed at the time you provide us with information, and as described below or otherwise in this Data & Privacy Policy.


We will respond promptly to a User’s and Subscriber’s requests for personal information. VizualSurvey will not respond to requests for access to personal information that are frivolous or vexatious. Please allow up to 10 business days for such requests. In certain circumstances, we may be unable to provide access to some or all information requested from you. VizualSurvey holds the right to verify any information requests.


Users will have the luxury of enjoying VizualSurvey’s services over various periods of time, permitting acceptable usage by the User or Subscriber. As permitted under U.S. law, VizualSurvey will retain the personal information of its Users for a period of one (1) year pursuant to Federal and State Laws. This does not include Data materials or information uploaded or collected by Subscribers. Retention of information may be kept longer for investigative purposes, fraud concerns, tax purposes, and/or legal purposes.


VizualSurvey may update this Privacy Policy at any time and any changes will be effective upon publishing such changes. In the event that there are material changes to the way we treat your Personal Information, we will display a notice through the Services prior to the change becoming effective. We may also notify you by email. However, we will use your Personal Information in a manner consistent with the Data & Privacy Policy in effect at the time you submitted the information, unless you consent to the new or revised policy.


Should you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, please contact us at the following address, with Attention to the VizualSurvey Privacy Officer: [email protected] (with the subject line: Privacy Officer).